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Green Leaf Battery

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Certified Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Specialists

Get more out of your hybrid car battery with Green Leaf Battery. We recondition hybrid vehicle batteries to extend the life of cars such as Toyota Prius, Lexus Hybrid, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet and GMC, Ford Escape, Lincoln MKz hybrid models and other models. Get in touch with us at 336-837-2885 or at our store, 5350 University Pkwy, Unit L, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106 to request a quote.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We don't just replace "bad cells" like other shops and dealers.  Green Leaf Battery company does actually test each cell and compare them to the complete module, balance, running a series of discharges and recharges, (rejuvenating your battery pack to an average of 95% of its charge as it was when it was a new battery) , rebuild with new contacts and parts, retest, and road test and then we warranty for up to 5 years!

Hybrid Battery testing

Reconditioning Hybrid Vehicle Battery Packs

In addition, we help people see the value of reconditioning their existing battery. We aim to teach current and potential hybrid car owners that to recondition and recycle hybrid batteries is helping to reduce landfill materials and help save the environment.

Vision Statement

Green Leaf Battery's vision is to see a not-so-distant future wherein the automotive industry is known for its integrity and for focusing on human well-being and the conservation of our natural resources; an industry that reduces pollution dramatically in contrast to its history, and continues to provide jobs for skilled workers in an ever-growing economy.

Green Leaf Battery operates in the belief that taking a positive approach to conservation like recycling through reconditioning hybrid vehicle battery packs is a small key to reducing landfill waste, protecting our natural resources, and saving energy.

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