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Green Leaf Battery

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Green Leaf Battery, hybrid battery reconditioning.


About Us

Green Leaf Battery is owned by William and Wendy Fisher of  Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We have been in the automotive business for more than 17 years. With the growth of this industry in a more eco-friendly direction, Green Leaf Battery has been developed to specialize in reconditioning hybrid car batteries. We do not cheaply and quickly "repair" singular modules within a battery pack causing an unbalanced, unstable condition within the battery. Rather, we place all of our batteries through a comprehensive process that truely "reconditions" a battery pack through testing the current total state of health of the entire battery pack, a total dissapation of the existing energy in each and every module (cell) and the cycling of a new charge that increases the memory capacity of each module and then replacing with modules of like state of charge to form a completely remanufactured, like new battery pack that will consistently out perform and outlast any "battery repair".  We are so sure of this method and of our work and products that we stand behind each one with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and up to 5 year warrany.  Contact us to learn more about our company.

Bill and Wendy Fisher, owners of Green Leaf Battery, hybrid battery reconditioning specialists.

William and Wendy Fisher, Owners

What is Hybrid Battery Reconditioning?

Our retail business for individuals can be performed here at our Winston-Salem location, or we can ship your battery pack preferably to a certified hybrid auto repair shop, your local auto parts store, or even to you directly if you have a moderate understanding of the tools and electrical elements required for a DIY installation.  A core After disassembling and cleaning it, we recondition, rebuild, and replace it in the vehicle or ship it nationwide, preferrably to a certified hybrid auto repair shop for installation, or directly to 

We use the EV-c30 in reconditioning batteries. It’s a state-of-the-art system that not only recharges your battery pack, but also completely reconditions each module, making your completed battery pack operate like a brand new battery and prolonging the lifespan of your hybrid vehicle. Read about the technical definitions from Nuvant Systems and examples of our reconditioning process and equipment below.

Hybrid battery reconditioning in process, computerized graphic feedback.

What Is an HEV Battery Module?

Modules are nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery cells connected in series. A NiMH battery cell has a nominal voltage of 1.2 V. A Ford Escape, for example, has 5 cylindrical NiMH cells per module. A Toyota Prius has 6 prismatic NiMH cells per module. 

HEV traction battery pack consists of modules configured in series. A Ford Escape has two 25-module traction packs while a Prius has a single 28-module pack. 

Toyota hybrid battery reconditioning modules examples.

What Does “Out of Balance” Mean?

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery modules undergo shallow depth of discharge. Unused electrode material becomes physically separated and unavailable. This reversible failure mode causes module-to-module variation of amp-hour (Ah) capacity. These variations constitute an “out of balance” battery pack. Reversible loss of capacity is often referred to as the “memory effect.” 

What Is Battery Reconditioning, Conditioning, or Repair?

Reconditioning involves: 

  • Extracting the Vehicle Battery Pack
  • Removing the High-Voltage Cable
  • Parallel Connecting Modules to EVc Conditioning Equipment
  • Rapidly Identifying and Switching Out High Resistance Modules (e.g., > 10 mΩ for a 6 cell module) 
  • Subjecting Modules to a Series of Deep, Split-Current Cycling and Pulses (i.e., the Protocol)

Reconditioning is done in parallel because individual module voltages cannot be controlled when connected in series. Modules are initially charged at high currents and low voltages. The charge currents taper down as the end of charge voltage is approached. EVc battery conditioning equipment automates the entire charge/discharge protocol. 

What Tool Is Used For Battery Conditioning/Repair?

At Green Leaf Battery, we use the EVc-30 fully automated battery cyclers that recondition or repair modules that have undergone reversible failure modes, such as “memory effects” due to repetitive shallow depths of discharge. Battery reconditioning is also known as battery refurbishing, conditioning, or repair.

You will see the EVc-30 hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning unit connected in parallel to a 28-module Prius pack pictured below.

EV-30 Hybrid Batttery Reconditioning Unit