Remanufactured Transmission Specialist Or Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit -- You Decide

Many do-it-yourself mechanics aren't afraid to tackle almost any type of repair including using a kit for their own repairs on transmissions. The price involved may be lower than using an experienced remanufactured transmission repair shop, but you must also consider a lot more than cost alone. That is assuming that you are even able to complete the repair. Look at the advantages of using a repair shop before making your decision.

A Warranty Can Be Worth A Lot

If you need a remanufactured Allison transmission, John Deere, or other transmission brand, it may be well worth your while to seek out a repair shop that specializes in the brand you need repaired. When a repair is made by a quality remanufactured transmission specialist, you will get a guarantee on the work that has been performed. The parts that are used in the repair have been thoroughly tested before they are installed in your transmission.

A company that sells the do-it-yourself kits can only guarantee the parts supplied, not the labor that goes into the repair. Anyone that has ever seen a transmission with the cover removed knows this is an extremely complicated piece of equipment with literally hundreds of parts that must be in exactly the right position to function correctly.

Up To Date Technology Is A Must

Techniques needed for the repair of transmissions are constantly changing. There are updated technological advances that can help make sure that a remanufactured transmission specialist is performing the repair in the most efficient manner possible. With this latest technology, a remanufactured Allison transmission or other brand may be as good, if not better, than the original product. A quality repair shop maintains their equipment on a regular basis and keeps up to date on the latest bulletins provided by the original manufacturer.

The individual that uses a do-it-yourself repair kit simply can't afford the time or expense of having the most up to date tools, testers, or machines required to complete the job with the same ease and accuracy of a remanufactured transmission specialist. They may eventually be able to complete the job, but it will be much more difficult and most likely not to the same degree of accuracy as an expert. With all of the moving parts used in the modern transmission today, without the proper equipment it may be difficult to even determine the problem. The slightest bend or missing part can result in a long and frustrating experience while working to identify the problem.

Stick With Quality

Years of experience is required to become a remanufactured transmission specialist. They know exactly what to look for and where to look to identify problems. There are specialists that work with Allison transmissions, Caterpillar transmissions, and other individual brands, knowing each brand has its own unique parts and procedures for repairing them.

The success of a do-it-yourself repair kit is determined by the quality of the labor that goes with the repair. While this may not be a problem for some people, few will have the expertise and knowledge of someone that works directly in the industry. In a repair shop setting, the mechanic also has the advantage of consulting with other experts who are readily at hand should a question arise.

A repair shop that specializes in these transmission repairs will consistently produce far better results than a do-it-yourself repair kit. Repairs are conducted in a controlled setting and the work is guaranteed. Before deciding to do a repair yourself, consider all of the advantages of having it performed by a professional.


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